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Apply today for a benefits-rich job making emission-free vehicles.

Join the Lion Electric team and help create a brighter future for your family, community, and planet Earth.

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Helping save the planet never gets boring. This is an exciting, fast-expanding industry: come grow with us.

“Hello new job” doesn’t mean “Goodbye family”. We believe in work/life balance, giving time off for family reasons, and are open to remote working.

Taking care of the environment… and yourself. We offer rock-solid insurance coverage and a great employee assistance program.

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Join the leader in the electrification of transportation

Lion Electric is an innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles. We create, design and manufacture all-electric class 5 to class 8 commercial urban trucks and all-electric buses and minibuses for the school, paratransit and mass transit segments.

What employees have to say

"As an engineer, I love it when I can meaningfully bring a change, and I can do that at Lion because it’s small enough to embrace your new ideas while being big enough to make this change happen!"

Ravi Nalam.

Embedded Software Programmer

"I feel like we’re creating bluer skies. That ‘The Bright Choice’ catch-phrase resonates with me, because this here is the future; it’s a revolution."

Malinda Sandhu.

Director of Sales USA

"Working at Lion feels like you’re a part of the solution and of something bigger than yourself; you do something in which you are meaningfully contributing."

Malinda Sandhu.

Director of Sales USA

"Working at Lion is such an amazing opportunity for me. I am very proud to be a part of such an innovative company."

Kristina Roy.

Operations Procurement

"I can point out to Lion vehicles and say “Hey, I’ve purchased the pieces to build it!” It’s just a great feeling knowing I’m contributing to lower GHG emission."

Kristina Roy.

Operations Procurement